Summer in the city… or town!

Whether it is sunny or rainy, the summer months are a good time to take stock of your business, where you are and how you plan to get to where you aim to be.

For me August is about planning for the Autumn, both for me and my clients. I am currently looking at a social media strategy, website reviews, Search Engine Optimisation plans alongside drafting my lectures and courses booked in the new academic year. I am also planning the networking events and trade shows I would like to attend, I hope to see some of you there!

Key things for me to consider are:

  • Are you interacting with your audience with the right channel?
  • Have you got a plan and measurement tools in place?
  • What content are you using to market? Think email and video content!
  • Is your company on social media? More importantly, are your clients?
  • Is it time for you to review your website?

Please feel free to browse my site where you will find information about both the consultancy and training I offer to support your marketing activity.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.